Old Dutch Foods Serves Up a Revolution in Snacking with Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers

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Old Dutch Foods Serves Up a Revolution in Snacking with Double Dutch™ Thick...

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Old Dutch Foods Serves Up a Revolution in Snacking with Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers


Calgary, Alberta (May XX, 2014): Old Dutch Foods has changed the snacking game with their new “Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers” potato chips. The word “appetizer” is a clear hint to the flavour profiles they have developed: Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders, Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese Dip, Calamari & Tzatziki Sauce, and Burstin’ Onion. The fact that these sound like your favourite restaurant appetizer menu is no accident.

Old Dutch studied restaurant and industry food trends and asked their seasoning experts to formulate a robust list of popular appetizers currently featured at restaurants across Canada. Over 30 possible appetizer inspirations were on the table.

Old Dutch sought to target the adventurous millennial demographic. According to Karlene Lukovitz “Millenials are thrill-seekers who crave heightened eating experiences such as intense flavours and extreme textures. The typical Gen Y eater swoons over unusual food forms, and flavour profiles tweaked with unexpected or dramatic twists.1

Keeping the dining behaviours of millenials in mind, Old Dutch recognized a unique opportunity to develop a product that catered to Gen Y’s desire for unique snacks.  With this insight, “Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers” potato chips were born.

Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers potato chips are unique to store shelves, offering new flavour profiles to the potato chip palate, while at the same time offering consumer familiarity due to their long-standing reputation as classic appetizer fare. This pairing of the unique with the familiar creates a truly tantalizing experience for the taste buds.

In keeping with the notion of extreme textures, the chip was made twice as thick and twice as crunchy. Alice Daszkowski, Old Dutch Foods Brand Manager says, “Our chip experts saw a thicker ripple cut chip delivering double the crunch, a key attribute of Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers potato chips.”

"People who have grown up with Old Dutch see our brand and our windmill as an endorsement of premium quality snack food products," says Scott Kelemen, National Director of Marketing for Old Dutch Foods. “Old Dutch is a Canadian brand icon with a very loyal following. Our commitment to premium quality snacks, innovation, and support of active communities has made Old Dutch Foods a leader in the industry for over 60 years.” This new line extension, Double Dutch™ Thick Ripple Appetizers potato chips, is just one more way Old Dutch is leading the market in quality snacks for Canadian consumers.

“We are continuing to watch exciting new Canadian food trends to draw inspiration for our next Double Dutch™ flavours,” said Daszkowski. “Currently the best seller nationally is the Bacon Cheeseburger Slider flavour. We look forward to seeing how the line will grow in the future.”

Old Dutch Foods ( opened in 1954 in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a small potato chip company. They achieved great success over the years with iconic products such as the twin-pack box of potato chips and their extensive range of flavours and variety of salty snack solutions.  Retailers and consumers have come to know Old Dutch for their commitment to innovation and quality.