Supporting Active Communities

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Supporting Active Communities

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Old Dutch Foods has been proud to Support Active Communities for over 50 years.

Since 2004, Old Dutch Foods has donated over $375,000 to KidSport™, a children’s charity encouraging sport.

Old Dutch and KidSport™ believe that no child should be left on the sidelines. The contributions made from Old Dutch have given thousands of Canadian children an opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice by helping to cover their costs of registration fees or equipment.

Old Dutch makes great snacks. With this comes a social responsibility, which Old Dutch takes very seriously. The Company strives for quality snack food ingredients and encourages physical health through sports and active lifestyles.

For over 50 years, Old Dutch has been a consistent leader in community support—from thousands of product donations for minor and professional sports, social programs, and fundraisers, to the retail programs that help us donate to children’s charities.

The company has also awarded sports gear voucher prizes to Canadians to encourage individual activity, and given grand prize winners the opportunity to donate sports gear to a local community sports program of their choice.

Old Dutch believes in giving back to its consumers and is a pillar of support in many communities. Now that the company is nationwide it will seek to develop its exceptional community efforts all across Canada.