Communiqués de presse

Les Aliments Old Dutch ont commencé une révolution en grignotines avec les hors-d’œuvre épais ondulés Double Dutch.

Les Aliments Old Dutch ont transformé le paysage de collations avec leur nouveaux hors-d’œuvre épais ondulés Double Dutch, Le mot « hors-d’œuvre » est une allusion évidente aux profils de saveurs qu’ils ont développé : Mini-hamburgers au fromage et bacon, Ailes Buffalo et fromage bleu, Calmar et tzatziki, et Ognons éclatés. Le fait qu’ils ressemblent vos hors-d’œuvre préférés n’est pas par hasard.

Manoir Ronald McDonald

Au nom des 10 000 familles qui, à chaque année, le Manoir Ronald McDonald devient pour eux leur maison, je tiens à remercier Les Aliments Old Dutch pour leur soutien de la journée de ski AGRI-FOOD 2011, tenue au club de ski Osler Bluff. En parrainant cet événement, votre entreprise a aidé de faire de cet événement un grand succès, recueillant plus de 2000 $ pour L'Œuvre des Manoirs Ronald McDonald du Canada. Nous espérons que vous appuierez de nouveau ce grand événement prévu pour le 16 février 2012.

Collation Intelligente

Old Dutch Foods Canada has a number of new and exciting items to add to the Old Dutch family this year. All of the new items mentioned below will be available to consumers on February 27, 2011.

One of Old Dutch Foods top priorities is to continue to provide Snack Wise™ offerings in hopes of making it easier for consumers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

With that being said, Old Dutch welcomes a Cheddar & Sour Cream flavour to the Baked Potato Crisps Family – now everyone can indulge with a targeted blend of flavours that are sure to satisfy with no MSG, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and only 4 grams of fat per 50 gram serving. This item is available in a 200 gram “take home” size, 55 gram extra large single serve size and a 32 gram single serve size.


Old Dutch Foods Ltd. is pleased to provide premium Baked Potato Crisps products to Bask-It-Style™ by Jsquared2 Public Relations during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), running September 9 - 19.

Old Dutch® Baked Potato Crisps will be one of Bask-It-Style’s unique sponsors in the snack category. Personalized gift bags destined for the stars will include an assortment of Old Dutch® Baked Potato Crisps, including flavour favourites such as Original, Salt & Vinegar, Creamy Dill and new Ketchup. With 0 trans fats and low in saturated fatty acids, Old Dutch® Baked Potato Crisps are a Snack Wise™ alternative to regular potato chips. Celebrities and media alike will enjoy a quick and delicious better-for-you snack amidst the lights, cameras and action of TIFF.


Old Dutch Foods Ltd. for a second year in a row has been awarded with the LIVERight™ Award for ‘Best Snack’.

“The Canadian Liver Foundation’s 2009 LIVERightTM Awards recognizes packaged and prepared convenience food products that are both delicious and nutritious. The LIVERightTM Awards connect two themes – nutrition and liver health - to raise awareness of fatty liver disease resulting from poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles, which is now the most common type of liver disease in people living in North America. The LIVERightTM Awards initiative draws public attention to this important health issue and creates an opportunity for companies to be recognized for their effort to be part of the solution.”