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Job Type: Full Time
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Job ID: 759
Closing Date: Nov 30, 2019
Language: English


The Technical Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of all control systems in the plant, utilizing thorough knowledge of processing and packaging systems.

Main duties

  1. Maintain and keep up-to-date all control systems in the plant
  2. Develop and install new sub systems using the latest in PLC hardware and networking
  3. Consult manufacturer's manuals, circuit diagrams, blueprints and manufacturer technical representative to determine tests and maintenance procedures for instruments used for measuring and controlling flow, level, pressure, temperature, chemical composition and other variables in manufacturing and processing
  4. Inspect and test operation of instruments and systems to diagnose faults using pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices and precision measuring instruments
  5. Repair and adjust system components, such as sensors, scanners, load cell, circuit boards, router, batteries, transmitters and programmable logic controllers, or remove and replace defective parts
  6. Set up and schedule the calibration of components and instruments according to manufacturers' specifications and as specified in SQF documentation
  7. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance work and complete tests and maintenance reports
  8. Install control and measurement instruments on existing and new plant equipment and processes
  9. Wire and troubleshoot control systems for packaging machines, Ishida machines, Best Sorters, PLC, Zebra Printers, Code daters, glue gun controller, x-ray unit, metal detector, laboratory equipment, chip distribution system, and JDE scanners
  10. Consult with, train and advise process and packaging operators
  11. Recommend improvements to management regarding plant instrumentation and controls
  12. Work closely with maintenance team to provide technical support and training
  13. Create/Read electrical diagrams
  14. Acts as an administrator for the PMC program. The task involves the following:
    1. Set up the PMC schedule for new or updated equipment
    2. Renew PM contract as per schedule
    3. Maintain the PMC program and schedule


  1. Source, purchase , monitor and maintain the inventory of parts used for plant instrumentation and equipment





Project duties

  1. Participate in the design and management of new project
  2. Participate in meetings and provide input during the different stages of the project
  3. Source parts and services related to software install, electronics, wiring and control systems
  4. Provide or review schematics of equipment as required
  5. Oversee the installation of equipment electronics or software as required.

Employment requirements

  1. Industrial Electrical Engineering Technologist certification required
  2. Position requires flexible work hours and occasional call-in on second or third shift may be required
  3. Knowledge with the programming and troubleshooting of the following software:
    1. Rockwell such as RS Logic 500 & 5000, Studio, Panel view
    2. Wonderware
    3. Zebra printer
    4. Clarisoft
    5. Modicon

4.  This position reports to the Production Supervisor


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